El Torreón Restaurante Tordesillas Valladolid

El Torreón Restaurante Tordesillas has been offering its services for more than 40 years,

It is a restaurant in traditional style. It has three dining rooms, one rather small, another ideal for private and one medium-sized meals, occupied by large tables, comfortable chairs and elegant decoration. It is a more conservative style and that has its charm. For the comfort and the friendly treatment of the waiters, and of all the professionals who will attend you with a thousand loves and the best manners and with a great education, the atmosphere in Restaurant Torreon is cozy, intimate , and invites you to eat without hurry and enjoy the dessert.

The menu maintains this traditional line. The good never changes. In the entrees we find quality sausages , leeks , ingredient-based salads of always, foie , Exquisite foie liver of duck , prepared with raisins and sweet wine sauce. To accompany, a little bit of grilled sausage .

Specialty in grilled red meats :

  • Entrecot de vacuno mayor (del lomo bajo)
  • Solomillo de vacuno mayor
  • Filete de vacuno mayor
  • Chuletón de vacuno mayor
  • Chuleta de vacuno mayor
  • Cordero lechal a la brasa (Lechazo churro DO Castilla y León)
  • Chuletilla de lechazo (Lechazo churro DO Castilla y León).

Restaurant El Torreón with capacity for 75 diners is ideal for dinners and group meals, is ideal for dinners and business meals and highly recommended to go with family.
What better option than to stay chatting excitedly drinking some coffees and shots of Alquira liquor with the people you love?

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