El Torreón de Tordesillas


The quality of its products is one of its greatest qualities, so you do not miss anything, one of the best restaurants in Tordesillas , it can not be deceiving since it has been around for 40 years offering the best customer service. Each one of them always leaves more than satisfied. 
The restaurant El Torreón pays homage to the best products of its land with every dish that makes your kitchen equipment. Located in the historic city of Tordesillas, in the lands of Castilla y León, based each proposal on a castilian cuisine full of flavors and sensations
Roasted meat on oak charcoal grill, red beef from retinto beef or churro lamb chops with denomination of origin. How to throw the salt on the grilled meats will not leave you indifferent. You can also try delicacies such as Fresh Duck Liver (100% Foie) , Beef Steak Carpaccio , Steak tartar or Anchovies of Cantabrian with leeks . Your homemade desserts , such as Cold Milk or Puff Pastry , are also true delights.
 Don’t stay without a table!